Drilled Stones and Strands

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2 mm Drilled Loose Stones

edgdrlst 2mm edge drilled
10 to 15mm Average
lrge drll examp.jpg (18513 bytes) Large 2 mm edge drilled 25 mm to 50 mm in size
sm_2mm_drll.jpg (9002 bytes) A small 2 mm drilled bead average size - 10 mm
2mdr_sm_flt.jpg (12883 bytes) Flats - 2mm drilled
average size 14 mm
dr_1end.jpg (11870 bytes) One end Drilled 2mm
Various sizes average 15 to 25 mm


edgflatstrd2mm.jpg (12927 bytes) These flats are 2mm drilled on the edges
average size 10 to 15 mm
grn2mmdrilled.jpg (7824 bytes) 2mm Drilled Green Kingman
blu2mmdrilled.jpg (7493 bytes) 2mm Sleeping Beauty Blue
enddrlill2mm.jpg (5873 bytes) 2mm End drilled

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