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The Power of Turquoise

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Most modern turquoise owners are unaware of centuries old tales of magical powers of the stone. It has been said that "Whoever wears a turquoise so that it or its gold setting is touching their skin, may fall from any height and the stone attracts to itself the whole force of the blow, so that it cracks and the person is safe." It was believed that if one wore turquoise it would protect them from fatal wounds, bites of scorpions or snakes, drowning and lightning. Various positive qualities have been attributed to the beautiful turquoise in many different parts of the world.

So it would seem one can wear this stone with positive feelings.

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Turquoise is a hydrous copper aluminum sulfate found in every color of blue, greenish blue or deep green. It has been mined from at least 6000 BC by early Egyptians. The use of turquoise as a beautiful ornamental decoration can be traced to Native Americans as well as Persians.

     It is mined in Arizona, New Mexico, USA; as well as other places in the Middle East and Hong Kong. In the Orient, a piece of turquoise was worn to protect against all evil things.

     Indians of Southwestern USA use turquoise to guard burial sites. To prehistoric Indians, turquoise adorning the body during ceremonies always signified the God of the sky here alive in the earth, a divine stone. It has been believed to calm emotions, relieving mental tensions, thus easing stress.

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